We are a web design comapny that create brilliant HTM5 websites. We also do branding & SEO. Call us: 01792 356033 or hello@idea21.co.uk x

Hello, Its not about us. Its about you.

Your website should serve one purpose and one goal. Whether you want more leads or more sales. The websites that we build have great effects on both, we can help you decide what you need and then transfer this to your website.

We can help you by looking at the overall experience a user gets instore and transfer that feeling online.

In today’s digital age, a well built website is an essential channel for businesses to reach and expand their customer base. We are based in Swansea, in Llansamlet. We provide a different way of thinking when it comes to websites. We dont do the whole “Whats your budget and this is what we will give you” route for a website. In fact the website is not what you want.


Think about it, do you buy from your own website? No.

Is what you like going to be something your target customer likes? Proberly not.

If you buy a house and colour every room in a bright fuchsia pink, will every buyer looking to buy your home want to buy it with a bright pink wall? No.

The user is looking for something. The user is on a task and wants a specific thing. If your website cant get that user and either

– Get there contact details (Lead)

– Buy a product off you (Sales)

Then you need to call us 01792 356033

On April 21st Google will take your websites responsiveness into consideration. In other words, if your website is not mobile optimised (All our current customers are not affected) then you will drop in rankings in google. We were one of the first companies in Swansea and Cardiff to offer HTML5, responsive websites as standard in every website build. call us: 01792 356033

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